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Signature Sexual Self-Care Class
Signature Sexual
Self-Care Class





We are tired of female sexuality and pleasure being treated as taboo! That’s why we’ve created our Signature Sexual Self-Care Class. We believe the intimate connections we build with ourselves, our bodies and our sexual pleasure should be celebrated, not shamed.

In this class we will delve into sexual self-care and all the wonderful ways it empowers us to live a more pleasure filled and nourishing sex life. We facilitate a safe and nurturing space to explore topics like female pleasure centres and anatomy, the orgasm gap, health benefits of solo sex, introduction to body-safe lubricants, introduction to body-safe adult toys, how to introduce toys to partnered and solo sex, ethical porn, Q&A, and information on further resources including books, websites, inspiring creatives and artists, educators, social media accounts, and more!

Our Signature Sexual Self-Care Class is included in all three of our workshops


It’s such a wonderful and unique experience to go to a workshop that tops up your joy and personal gratitude, letting you both reflect and explore. The topic of sexuality is presented in a way that encourages you to be curious and playful, no embarrassed or withdrawn. This is something I usually shy away from, but Abby put me at ease with her expertise and warmness. By the end, you’ll feel that you can discuss anything, whilst picking up some new crafty skills. Abby’s workshop overall helped build a sense of confidence and self-sufficiency, through trying new things, as well as opening up valuable conversations with friends that may have otherwise been left unsaid.


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