Hey Hi Hello! I’m Abby, owner and creator of Pleasure & Peach. I am a pleasure positive sexuality professional, with a huge passion for bringing women nourishing and educational experiences in sexuality and self-care.

Pleasure & Peach is about empowering women. I want to facilitate opportunities for women to connect with themselves, their bodies, and their pleasure. My business is a place where art, education, self-care, and sex come together to celebrate women, and promote acts of self-love (and orgasms too)!

After high-school, I moved to Sydney to study a Bachelor of psychology with a focus in Sexology. I absolutely loved my degree. It cemented my passion for creating empowering, and therapeutic experiences for women, but the traditional clinical route just wasn’t for me. So, after I moved back to Newcastle to roost, I formed the concept of Pleasure & Peach!

The concept of my business was inspired by many things. Firstly, my belief that we are all entitled to a proper sex education inclusive of pleasure, and accurate information about our sexual anatomy. I also think it’s important to speak about and normalise the use of toys and lubricant in both solo and partnered sex. Most of us aren’t taught how to choose a body-safe product(s), or why quality toys and lubricants are such wonderful assets to our sex lives. I want to talk about it!

Our creative workshops and online store have been carefully curated to help women connect with themselves, their bodies, and their pleasure.

Many important elements of Pleasure & Peach have also come from my own lived experience with mental health. In my early twenties I lived with severe anxiety and an eating disorder. Through my own mental health journey, I learnt the huge importance of self-care and compassion in developing an ongoing relationship with myself and my body. A good therapist was essential for me too. Learning about my body, and my right to pleasure was hugely empowering. It was amazing to be rediscovering the joys of my body, sexual self-care played a big role in this.

I also rebuilt a wonderful relationship with myself through connecting with women and building uplifting relationships with each other. Connection is nourishment. As women in this society, we are often made to feel like we are pinned against each other. To compare ourselves to one and other and begin to believe in toxic (and false) notions that other women are to be feared, seen as our competition. Jealousy between women has become so normalised, yet we are capable of so much more when we admire and encourage each other’s strengths. 

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Another woman’s success is not a threat to our own. I want to use my business to show the importance of building connection and community among women and create opportunities to come together to raise each other up. I think that it’s incredibly powerful.  

As a mother, I want to model and showcase the remarkable strengths of women, and the amazing things we are capable of. Through educating and empowering women, I am also doing this for my daughter. I want to use my skills and knowledge to help women of now and generations to come, to value themselves, their pleasure, and have the confidence to speak up for what they want, in any context.