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Hey, hi, hello! I’m Abby, a qualified sex educator, and owner of Pleasure & Peach.

In 2016, I graduated from a Bachelor of Psychology with a focus in Sexology. Ever since, I've been working to provide women with valuable tools, body-safe pleasure products, and evidence-based education to live a more confident and fulfilling sex life. No shame. No stigma.

At Pleasure & Peach, I want to challenge the status quo and talk openly about female pleasure, sexual anatomy, benefits of solo sex, closing the orgasm gap, and how to have more pleasurable partnered sex because we have been robbed for far too long! I also think it’s important to normalise the use of body-safe toys and lubricant in both solo and partnered sex. Most of us aren’t taught how to choose a body-safe product(s), or why quality toys and lubricants are such wonderful (and proven) assets to our sex lives. I want to talk about it.

I also know what it feels like to be denied authentic pleasure.

Like most of us, I did not grow up with a comprehensive sex education inclusive of pleasure. As a young woman I experienced shame around my body, I experienced stigma and guilt around my pleasure. I barely understood my sexual anatomy, Patriarchal cultural scripts taught me to value my male partner's pleasure over my own. Sex and pleasure was a performative task rather than an authentic and fulfilling experience. But I deserved better.


We all deserve better.

Our creative workshops and online store have been carefully curated to help women connect with themselves, their bodies, and their pleasure.

My degree paired with the sex-positive movement, and discovery of pleasure products, completely changed my life. Knowledge (and my vibrator) was power- I learnt to appreciate and understand my body, to communicate my desires and value my pleasure as much as my partner’s. No more fake orgasms. Just real, authentic pleasure. The joy of sexual liberation has had such a deep impact on my life and relationship.

This journey, together with my degree, and a dedication to evidence-based information, inspired the idea to create empowering opportunities for women and non-binary vulva owners to connect with their bodies and their pleasure.


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I’m now a proud Mum to two young girls. Changing the narrative around sex and pleasure for women and people with vulvas is more important to me now than ever.


With the right sex education, pleasure products and confidence in your body, I believe you can experience authentic pleasure.


Let me show you how.  

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