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When Sex Hurts: Understanding and Healing Pelvic Pain

  • For the 20 million people who suffer from pelvic pain: the completely revised and updated guide for making sex feel good again.

    Pelvic pain can lead to embarrassment, silence, and misdiagnosis. It can hurt your relationship as well as your sense of self. Tackling the stereotypes, myths, and realities of pelvic pain, this easy-to-understand, accessible guide will help readers get the help they need and deserve, offering key information on:

    - The most urgent questions about the causes of pelvic pain

    - The more than twenty causes of pelvic pain

    - How to find the right doctor

    - The relationship between pelvic sex and genetics

    - The newest in treatment for pelvic pain and pelvic pain indications

    - How psychological factors can contribute to and reduce pelvic pain

    Featuring groundbreaking research and stories from people who've lived it, When Sex Hurts provides the tools you need to stop hurting and start healing.

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