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Lubricant & Thrush Cream Applicator - 2 Pack

  • Thrush sucks. We're tired of poorly designed cream applicators when it comes to treating vaginal thrush. Uncomfortable insertion makes a bad situation even worse. BUT, we've made a game-changing discovery! Quality, well-designed reusable syringes. 

    The contoured, applicator is designed for thrush treatment cream or lubricant application to the vagina. The easy to use, lightweight tubes are supplied in a pair and are reusable, refillable and easy to clean. 
    Made from durable, body safe ABS, the syringe has a sleek contoured design for comfortable and direct application. The tube is easy to fill, insert and dispence. The compact tube measures 3.25”x .5” / 8 cm x 1 cm and has a handy cap for travel use.

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