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Glas 6'' Curved G Spot Stimulator Black

  • If we could insert fancy trumpet music here we would because the Gläs G-spot Stimulators are worthy of a royal introduction. This product is incredible when it comes to direct and intense stimulation of the g-spot. Its beautiful curved design makes it easy for you or a partner to hit the spot! Heat under warm water, or cool in the fridge for some added temperature play. Made from borosilicate glass, the g-spot stimulator is absolutely stunning, hypoallergenic, body-safe, compatible with all lubricants, shatter proof, and extremely durable. For an intensely pleasurable experience, you can also use this toy in conjunction with clitoral stimulation. This could be during oral sex, or paired with a clitoral vibrator to create what is called a blended orgasm. To get the most enjoyment from this product, we highly recommend using with a body-safe lubricant.

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