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Fancy making your own everlasting floral wall hanging? We’ve teamed up with Rhiannon from Forget Me Knot Flora to create a workshop that promises to get your creative juices flowing. You know what else will be flowing? Grape Juice. Because yes, there will be wine! And grazing boards too! Hooray!

Our “Flora and Faunacate” workshop is the perfect self-care warm up before diving into The Signature Sexual Self-care Class. Yep! We’ve combined two of our favourite pleasures to bring you a fresh and unique experience in self-care and female pleasure!

Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed with your own bouquet of fresh flowers, and all other supplies needed to create your wall hanging. Flowers go on fresh, and dry beautifully overtime, so you can enjoy your lovely creation forever! And no previous experience is required. Woohoo!

The “Flora and Faunacate” workshop is always followed by our Signature Self-care Class.


Imagine an uplifting space where women come together to celebrate themselves, their pleasure, and talk all things sexual self-care. No shame, no stigma, just good vibes and wine! Well, we’ve turned that vision into a reality, and it’s pretty darn spesh!

We hear you! We are tired of female sexuality and pleasure being treated as taboo! That’s why we’ve created our Signature Sexual Self-Care Class. We believe the intimate connections we build with ourselves, our bodies and our sexual pleasure should be celebrated, not shamed. If you’ve ever felt robbed of a proper sex education, if you’ve been curious about body-safe lubricants and toys, if you want to take your sexual pleasure to the next level (partnered or solo), then this is for you.

In this class we will delve into sexual self-care and all the wonderful ways it empowers us to live a more pleasure filled and nourishing sex life. We facilitate a safe and nurturing space to explore topics like female pleasure centres and anatomy, the orgasm gap, health benefits of solo sex, introduction to body-safe lubricants, introduction to body-safe adult toys, how to introduce toys to partnered and solo sex, ethical porn, Q&A, and information on further resources including books, websites, inspiring creatives and artists, educators, social media accounts, and more!

Our beautiful range of lubricants and pleasure products will be available at the event, and we mean it when we say good vibes only! All of our toys and lubricant are of the highest quality, and 100% body-safe, so they promise to honour your body.



Please note: The Flora and Faunacate package is for all women aged 18+. We have a strict adults-only policy, so please bring your ID on the day.


  • A masterclass in constructing your own floral wall-hanging with a professional florist

  • Your very own everlasting floral wall-hanging

  • All flowers, greenery and supplies required to construct your masterpiece

  • Wine

  • Grazing board

  • And of course, our Signature Sexual Self-care class


We'll be starting up our workshops as soon as it is safe to do so. To keep up to date with dates and details, sign up to our newsletter or contact us directly to request a private booking.


Flora and Faunacate runs for 1.5-2 hours and is followed by our Signature Sexual Self-care workshop. The entire package will have a total running time of approximately 3 hours.


$265 per person


Our workshops are held at The Fernery, 84 Fern St, Islington, 2296, NSW, Australia. But, Pleasure and Peach can also come to you! If you have hired special accommodation for your occasion, please email details of your venue, and we will see if it is compatible with our set up.


6 people per class


12 people per class


Please let us know of any food requirements you or your guests may have. We will also provide non-alcoholic beverages to keep you feeling fresh.

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