Sip & Snip - A guide to re-purposing your tea jars into propagation vases.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Feeling sad after finishing your last cup of Pleasure & Peach tea? It’s okay, because we have the perfect pick-me-up for those last cuppa blues. Pleasure & Peach has partnered with Instagram’s most wholesome plant (and human) dad, to bring you a tutorial in how to re-purpose your Pleasure & Peach tea jar into a super cute propagation vase.

So, what is plant propagation? Propagation is the process of growing a new plant from an existing plant. We will be using vegetative asexual propagation, that is, plants that reproduce from a cutting rather than seeds or sexual reproduction. Yep, plants do it too! Vegetative propagation means taking cuttings and nurturing them until they produce roots and new growth. There are lots of vegetative propagation techniques but with your Pleasure & Peach tea jar we will be using water propagation. Some plants that are compatible with this method include: Devil’s Ivy, Snow Queens, Spotted Begonias, most Monsteras, Syngoniums, Philodendrons, and there’s heaps more! If you want to check if your house plant is compatible give it a quick Google search.

What you'll need - 1 x empty tea jar, 1 x indoor plant that is compatible with vegetative water propagation, plant scissors or secateurs, water.

Step 1 - Once all your tea jar is empty, give it a wash in warm soapy water and rinse well so that no soap residue remains.

Step 2 - Choose a plant that you would like to propagate, for this tutorial we are using Devil’s Ivy.

Step 3 - Cut of a piece of stem between two nodes. You will want your cutting to have at least two leaves.

Step 4 - Once you have your cutting, remove the leaf closest to your cutting point.

Step 5 - Fill your tea jar with water and place your cutting in the water. Make sure that the node is fully submerged, as this will eventually grow into roots. Change the water every couple of weeks, or if it is looking discoloured.

Step 6 - Ahhh isn't it pretty! Go and style your favorite bright and sunny space with your new babe. Once it has grown new roots you can pot in soil.

I am absolutely obsessed with spotted Begonias and have them propagating all over my house and they look amaaazing! Tag us in your own propagation adventures @pleasure_and_peach and

We can't wait to see your new plant babies!

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